Our Services

The Sprinter Center is building a reputation as THE leading full-service Sprinter Van repair shop in Texas. We handle everything you can imagine when it comes to your vehicle. We guarantee to work with your insurance company to ensure your Sprinter Van will be repaired to it pre-accident condition. In doing so, we hope to make the process of working with us as easy and convenient for you. We know there are not a lot of Sprinter Van repair shops in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area, so when you come to us, we want to treat you right. At Sprinter, we are ready to work on any van in any condition. Take a look at our offered services below!

Sprinter Van Collision Repair

Your van is an extension of your business. Every bump, scrape, and bruise is a tarnish to your branding in the consumer’s eye. We can fix everything from small dings and scrapes to full collision repair, and we can do it quickly while restoring the safety of the Sprinter Van ensuring the safety of your employees.

Sprinter Van Roof Replacements

Did one of your guys knock the roof off one of your Sprinter vans? Not to worry, it happens all the time. We replace so many Sprinter van roofs that we keep some of them in stock and we can swap them out very quickly.

Sprinter Van Graphics Repair & Replacement

We service Sprinter Vans, parcel trucks, specialized vehicles, tow trucks, food trucks, vacation sprinter, Limos and more!

Sprinter Van Hail Damage Repair

Hail and Texas go together just like cowboy hats and cowboy boots. With a vehicle the size of a Sprinter Van, you have a lot of surface to damage. Our shop was built to handle hail damage repair on RV’s and we can certainly handle any Sprinter Van hail damage you have. We can fix it fast and get your van back out on the road.

Box Truck Repair

When you think about it, food trucks are nothing more than RV’s or Sprinters with really big kitchens. Since we specialize in RV’s and customizations, we can handle any of your food truck outfitting needs. We can do custom metal work, paint work, electrical, plumbing, cabinetry, and install LP gas appliances, stoves, refrigerators, and cooktops. We can also manage your ventilation needs, air conditioning, and generator needs.

Sprinter Van Painting

Did you buy a used Sprinter and need to paint it? Or does your Sprinter Van need to be painted in a non-factory company color? We can do partial or complete resprays and color changes. Just call us for a quote.

Food Truck Repair

Has your food truck been in an accident? Has an important system on your food truck stopped functioning like electric or LP gas? Don’t let a malfunction close your kitchen. We can get your food truck back on line in no time.

Sprinter Van Upfitting

Because we do RV repair and customization, we are also able to do Sprinter van upfitting. Have
a custom upfitting need? Contact us to discuss your custom needs.

Custom Sprinter Fabrication Needs

We service Sprinter Vans, parcel trucks, specialized vehicles, tow trucks, food trucks, vacation sprinter, Limos and more!