Sprinter Center of Dallas / Ft. Worth.

Your Sprinter Van repair is always our priority!

Who We Are:

Sprinter Center of Dallas, TX.

Just like our sister company, Dallas based Coach Specialists of Texas, we were built to service a need in the marketplace for quick, correct Sprinter Van repairs paired with an un-matched level of customer service. Because of the oversized proportions of a Sprinter van, we started getting a lot of requests to perform collision repair services at our RV repair shop. Since our facility is specially equipped to repair extremely large RV and custom motor coaches, it was a natural fit for us to expand into the Sprinter Van repair market.

When we started getting calls to repair Sprinter vans, we realized that we had a big enough space, proper tools, and the best technicians to handle the care of Sprinter Vans. As a division of Coach Specialists, we knew we had the only paint booth and space to repair customers’ Sprinter Vans quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are highly trained in the RV repair industry and have a vast knowledge about collision repair that can easily be applied to any Sprinter Van needs. No other repair shop in Dallas Texas has the capacity, tools, or employees needed in order to effectively fix damaged Sprinter Vans and get them back out on the road as fast as we do.

A Commitment to…

Sprinter and Fleet van repair

We realize having a Sprinter in the shop is like having an employee call out sick. It can really put a kink in the workflow of your business, and the longer it sits, the more it costs you.

If you have a Sprinter Van that needs repairs, you may be wary of taking it to a traditional auto body repair shop. Often, fleet work is seen as filler work by collision repair shops and can quickly take a back seat to insurance work. Most shops simply don’t want to do the work.

Our shop is set up specifically to service Sprinter Vans from every manufacturer. It doesn’t matter if you have a Ford Transit, A Nissan NV, or a Dodge or Mercedes sprinter van, we are set up to fix them all.

At Sprinter Center, we’ve combined our industry experience and extensive training in auto-body and RV repairs to transform the ways Sprinter Vans are repaired. We have a mega-sized paint booth capable of handling everything from a Chevrolet Express 3500 Cargo Van to a high roof Mercedes worker sprinter van.

Most work vans have logos, advertising, and other information on them. Because we do so much RV repair work we are able to replicate the graphics as needed based on your repairs.

We Offer

A shop built for sprinter repairs.

Operating out of Coach Specialists, the number one RV repair shop in Dallas Texas, we have the know-how to fix all sprinter and cutaway vans, even food trucks. We also have a huge shop dedicated to large vehicle repairs. No matter how long or how high your Sprinter Van reaches, we can handle your repair.

With any auto body repair shop, fast repair is all about capacity. How big is the shop, how many technicians are on hand to do the work, and how much painting capacity do they have? These are the elements that make a difference between a one or two-day repair and a week-long repair or longer.

Specialized repair

A dedicated Sprinter van repair team.

We created a special team just dedicated to Sprinter van repairs. Unlike other repair shops, we do not handle passenger cars or personal trucks. We are solely dedicated to repairing and restoring only Sprinter Vans and RVs. At the Sprinter Center, we have a focused, dedicated team with a built-in capacity who are ready to get your fleet back on the road!

Have unique need? We can do custom fit outs and even food truck conversions. Contact us to discuss your needs today.


Ft. Worth:
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Plano, TX 75074


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